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I have another journal, but this one is strictly for notes about my new diet.


Wednesday, February 13, 2002

OK. I think I've learned some things. I am not at a place where I can have "snack" food around. I have not gone over my points any day, but I'm very, very unhappy with how I've been eating. So--time to clear out even the "legal" treats. I was doing very well at the start of this life change until I started adding in the treats that everybody talks about, discovering that whipped topping really is good, that low-fat Pringles are good, that skinny cow is good. All of those sorts of things make me want to eat more and when I put them aside, they call out to me and I end up eating them. As I said, all within the points, but not the kind of food I want to get used to using as treats. So...no more skinny cow, no more home-made "ice cream" sandwiches, no more low fat substitute for high fat treats. Let me just deal with the basic food groups until I really have this eating routine down and can very gradually start adding back other foods. The way I've been eating the last two days is the way it started when I went off this program last time and I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT THIS TIME.

I didn't want to go to the club this morning. Walt was out of town, I finished the work I got up at 4 a.m. to do by 5:30 and I decided to sleep another 30 minutes. When the alarm went off I really debated about going or not going. Who would know? I could sleep another hour. But I would know, so I got dressed and went off to the club after all. I felt very good about it. I upped the bike to 8 minutes--after only one day at 7 min. Didn't do the UBE machine because it was being used when I had finished everything else. That didn't break my heart. But I came home feeling virtuous. I had conquered that desire to go back to sleep and had done my workout after all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

YES! 3.6 lbs this week. Total of 17. I feel SO much better than I did last week!

I had an "a-ha!" moment today. I've been struggling with the issue of eating junk diet foods--things like skinny cow, and graham crackers with whipped topping or a number of other "legal" foods, but with empty calories. I realized that for a lot of people this is a diet. If you're on a diet, your goal is to lose weight, and you help yourself lose weight however you can. However, for me it is a lifestyle change and by eating low fat potato chips, a bowl of popcorn, faux ice cream, etc., what I'm doing is just continuing the unhealthy behavior with "legal" foods. That doesn't teach me anything. That will help me lose weight, yes, but it still won't help me learn to prefer better foods over empty calories. That will be my goal in the next few weeks--begin cutting down on all those "substitute bad foods" and finding "good foods" that I like and which I will consider a treat. (it probably won't be carrots. :) )

Sunday, February 10, 2002

I created two new pages today, which I am not publishing (yet) in my regular journal, but they are:

1- My Weight Chart
2- MyPhotosl

I hope to keep the weight chart up to date after each weigh-in (and once a month or so for the photos)

Today was a weird day, food-wise, because we ate out for two meals--pizza at Ned & Marta's (I had two small pieces of veggie pizza), and then a dinner in Mel's Diner, where they fry everything, I swear. I think I still came in within points range, but I'll be glad to be home all day tomorrow where I can be in control.

I was very surprised when I woke up this morning and was actually disappointed that I wasn't going to the club. My word!

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